Sep 20, 2008

Happy, happy Saturday

So after and eternity of waiting, and a lot of computer tweaking through DOS and Safe Mode, I just got Photoshop!

Since it takes me quite some time to get the pictures how I want them, here is instead some little Christmas decoration that I made on my mother’s request. I have a couple of unpainted ones, I am going to paint one each year, I suppose.

It’s acrylic on papier mâché. About 2” - 2 ½” in diameter.


CCC (Crazy Cooking Camper) said...

Listen, I have a cool idea - maybe you can paint couple of those balls for my project, since I need a silver/blue X-mas ornaments for one of the pictures. How long would it take you to paint those? How big are they? Call me tonight to talk it over, OK?


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