Sep 16, 2008

Tuesday anticipation or Photoshop where art thou?

I’ve been taking pictures of my artistic exploits, but unfortunately my inner photographer is not as skilled as I would wish, he is more at the level of my inner child. Therefore I need a little digital help. And this is where Photoshop comes in handy, but alas I do not own it. So I am waiting for a friend of mine to get me a copy.

For now I shall entertain you with some of my numerous links.
So I am a sucker for design, architecture, ads, packaging, clothes, furniture, I am all for it.

The Die Line site is an amazing thing, it is packaging related, and you can find some incredible stuff! Suddenly package design seems like great works of art even for the most skeptical and purist of painters.

MocoLoco is also a beauty, they have it all: art, architecture, gadgets and installations.
Check out Chris Dorosz Painted Room for example.

Geek&Hype, a French website where you can find anything design, from new cell phones and computers, to a girly luxurious Svarowski cordless mouse. Even though it is in French, it has a clear layout and enough visual material to be appealing to anyone.

And to end on a happy note here is a little something that I though funny.


Eric said...


Nice to find you here!! So then.. dazzle me with knowledge!

Your "photographer who knows Photoshop like the back of his hand and hopes you'll be smart enough to ask him for some help if ever you're stuck and can't figure something out" friend...


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