Oct 27, 2008

Late Sunday or early Monday snack

This Thursday I made a few purchases. There was a canvas sale in a Montreal art store. I got myself nine canvas boards in different sizes, for seven dollars .

Since my last speed painting I decided to make more, as it is a great exercise. This is why I got myself canvas boards instead of canvases. Now the question wasabout the subject. Lucky me I spent a day at my sister's place yesterday, and this morning we went out for breakfast and then we did some groceries. I got myself my favourite cookies of all time: amaretto cookies. And so, using my leftover 4”x4” I painted two of them.

4”x4”, not including a tea break ~4o/6o minutes, 6 colours.

I am much more satisfied with this one. I think I got it well, without overdoing and over smoothing. So you do witness me redeeming myself!
In my next one I should work on more visible background brush strokes.


Eric said...

Hum.. nice to see you had time to paint them before they all got eaten! The ones at Anna's never knew what hit them.. :)

I like those fast renderings very much.


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