Dec 22, 2008

Monday puff

After having finished school, and after going out almost everyday for a week, just before Christmas, I decided to try myself at a speed painting again.

My previous efforts were not met with pride. I did only like one of them and even then I thought it was so-so. So before getting to my bigger project, that I want to do with loose stroke I decided to warm up.

After spending half of the day surfing on beautiful painter’s blogs, I got enough inspiration to attempt.

My first attempt was hell. I had to wipe it off three times before finally getting to something that was ok. But everything about it annoyed me. From the colours that were so damn off to the lack of normal shadows. So this little Chantilly puff is the ugly little duckling.

Oil on 4"x4" canvas board

After getting mad and having some tea I decided to give it a shot again. After finding the right undertone I found the right cloth that would be my background and here is my pretty little result.

I like it; I think it is luminous compared to all others. I like how you can see the pink through the blue. Now I am proud.

Oil on 4"x6" canvas board.



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