Jan 30, 2009

Thoughtful Friday

Yesterday I made a little speed painting, this time I took a plum as my subject and placed it on my old pink t-shirt. It made me realize that I have a hard time with shiny round things. It also made me question my abilities a lot. I spent a whole evening discussing it. I am as most humans in constant desire of results. The bigger, faster better are the results the more energy I put in the new skill I am learning.
Right now I feel a little exhausted of not seeing results that are stable and constant. it seems to me that with each new project that I attempt I get back to square one.

To get me out of my blues, I decided to take a look back at my first painting. It is a painting that I still love. Each day I see more and more mistakes but I still think that I did a great job with shadows and colours for a first attempt.

So here are both of them:

oil on 4"x4" canvas board

oil on 5"x7" canvas board, 2oo6

My favourite part is the shadow and light around the stem, as well as the shadows in general.


Eric said...


We briefly talked about it last friday... I completely understand what you're talking about. I also completely understand the fact of not feeling that a result is up to our accepted standard (trust me, I do...) but, on a purely technical graphic rendering, or on a photographic perspective if you prefer; I'm quite please by the results you got at showing the perceived reflection of your tabletop "support", i.e. the pink t-shirt.

I like the way you got the reflected pink mass on the surface of the plum. That type reflection is what we fight to eliminate when shooting a shinny object. You know, when I end up putting a bunch of black cardboards, just out of frame, to block out the white reflections on bowls when we shoot on the white plexiglass for instance? Well, you got the feel of it dead on. Goes to show that, although the rendering does not meet your desires, some graphic and esthetic elements are well understood.

Every brush stroke you make pounds your observation sense deeper in your instinct and logical little details like these become "matter-of-factish".

Don't loose sleep over this particular canvas. Just learn and move on... No one around has the superior knowledge to throw it back at you anyway. I haven't met a lot of Rembrandt lately, have you? :)

CCC (Crazy Cooking Camper) said...

I am no painter but I think that the plum turned out pretty good. The shadows and light ON the plum are great. I am less impressed with the shadows OF the plum but as Eric said, this is not worth loosing sleep over. The worst thing to do would be giving up and no painting. If you are not feeling up to another speed painting - you can paint something for me (hint hint) ;)

iart said...

Both of you guys:
Thanks for the support, it definitely helps. I suppose that it is a matter of achieving something the way you want it so...I'll just give myself some time


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