Mar 31, 2009

Tuesday surprise

I finally participated at Karin Jurick's bi-weekly challenges. And here is the result I got.

Makizushi, oil on 6"x8" canvas board.

I had to wipe it two times before starting something that I liked. Now the more I look at it the more I like it. I think that my brush strokes and colours are well done here. The sushis do not look like the photo but I think they still have a nice character to them. Sadly the colours in the picture are a bit off, and also too dark.


Marie Fox said...

Your sushi painting has a texture and color that feels very real. I looked at all the other versions...and this one captures the subject very well! Keep painting! and many thanks for your comment at my blog! Marie

urgwen said...

Very nice! good texture! looks yummy

iart said...

Thank you very much Marie!


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