Apr 9, 2009

Thursday revelation

I've been hiding this little thing for a while now.
Strangely I never got to post it, even though it was done some time in January or February. It was inspired by Carol Marine whom I follow religiously. She paints in the most beautiful way. Her paintings are full of light but the strokes are very visible. I just love her!

oil on 6"x8" canvas board

At first I hated this one, but now that I look at it I start to like the colour combination as well as the composition. I still have a hard time with the oranges themselves. They seem so solid, they do not let the light pass through.


MooPig_Wisdom said...

Beautiful, excellent. Please consider putting your oil studies on stretched canvas. And if possible make it linen canvas.

I know that it is more expensive, but you will find that that little glitch you mention -- "They seem so solid, they do not let the light pass through. Oh well, I will try in a couple of months again!" -- if you use stretched primed linen, that will make the difference.

If you need more explanation, please ask me or others.

You have captured the spirit, now adjust the technology... your brother in oil painting, Pat Darnell http://moopigpaint.blogspot.com/

iart said...

Thank you very much for your helpful indications!
Sadly I think that the problem is still the technique. But for bigger works I will be definitely investing in stretched canvases!

MooPig_Wisdom said...

Dear iart:
I am so aware of all the buckets of conditions of "getting the pieces done" and I hope you are not someday like me, wishing like I often do: that darn paintings would just magically appear on my easel in the morning... no?

We must all stick together and help one another as we progress. I really like C Marine's approach... I see you do too?
Thanks for replying..
Pat Darnell


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