Jun 22, 2009

Monday falling red

This is a painting that surprised me. I found a number of things coming to me intuitively and a number of other that for some reason I disregarded completely.

oil on 7"x9" canvas board, 2oo9

What I learned is that you have to let go of a painting, especially if it is a quick one. The night I finished it I hated it, everything seemed so flat so shapeless, but the next day I realized that somehow I ended up creating 3D wedges. The last touches of white and the seeds made sense of all of those red spots.
I also now know that composition does not always come naturally (and this one in particular is so unstable I want to cut a piece of canvas off). You must draw your subject or at least the important lines first in order to get something where your eyes flow smoothly from one point to another.

Overall I am very happy with the learning and I finally feel like I can create shadows that make sense.



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