Jul 8, 2009

Wednesday sketches

I while ago I whent to Dr. Sketchy Montreal.
We hand a wonderful model, she had the cutest glasses and the poutiest red lips as well as some funky hair.

two 10 minutes sketches,
graphite on paper

20 minutes sketch,
3-in-1 colour pencil on paper

She was a great model, creative and fun. During the two hours we listened to some great music like Frank Sinatra and a couple of tracks by Marylin Monroe.
I will try to go to a nude atelier next time as it has been almost a year since I got to draw nudes. I really miss it.


Glowing Doll said...

Finally an intelligent use for those multi-coloured pencils!

I've got a kohinoor one buried somewhere.

iart said...

It is surprisingly easy and fun to use it! And you don't really have to think about it since they are all in one pencil!


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