Mar 10, 2010

Happy Wednesday

It feels so good that I need to brag.

I started school like any other girl at 7. I have been studying for 13 years now. I have always lacked structure, interest and enthusiasm. My mother got tired of hearing “she has so much potential” and stopped going to parent-teacher meetings.

In primary school I would get “sick” right on the test days. In high school I’d get sick for longer periods during the semester. College forced me to attend all classes as a note from my mother would not get me out of trouble, but I still despised it.

I complained…all the time.

He’s a failed athlete (which was actually true), she hates teaching (she actually told that), he hates me (there was no proof), she’s a shitty teacher, he doesn’t care and…blah blah blah. Man was I angry. Still I had “Soooo much potential” if only I would try, and work harder, and participate and…blah blah blah.

Here is the good stuff.

I love what I am studying right now. Sure I hate waking up early and I am under stress and I hate deadlines, but I love what I am doing.

I am finally feeling that something is happening; there are abilities and themes that emerge. I am inspired, I get feedback and I improve!
Honestly if things like, my health, my family, my social life were not important, I would get two pairs of pyjamas and live in the EV building (because the VA is kind of spooky).



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