Apr 28, 2010

Fruity Wednesday

I edited part of my images and I present you with Maloideae.
This was my last project for intaglio, for which by the way I got an A (sadly, no +). We discussed it for a whole hour and came to the conclusion that it is indeed sexual in nature...Oh well.

Maloideae, three 4"x4.5" etchings on 7.5"x12" BFK paper, 2010.

Here are the details.


Cydonia oblonga, detail.


Pyrus communis, detail.


Malus domestica, detail.

I might make separate prints of them, but for now I have 8 full one. They are as Holier-Than-Thou for sale.

I can't wait for next session to start. I really want to print some more. It's so much fun. Plus it is very likely that I am going to be a monitor which means I will be there all the time!


dendoo said...

I am soooo sorry to be rude but I only see vaginas. But then is it rude to see something so womanly in an object that is womanly itself? Fruit ripens as a woman does, it blushes like a woman does, it has a heavenly scent like a woman does. Fruit therefore is woman.

iart said...

No worries, nothing rude!
It is exactly the discussion I had during my class critique. A fruit is often compared to a woman, weather her body as a whole or body parts.
I just hope that my work was subtle enough to let people see both the sexual and the non sexual aspect of the image!


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