Apr 15, 2010

Selfish Thursday

Here is one of my school projects.
The constraints were that one of the dimensions was to be as tall as we are, and that there had to be at least one human figure.

Umbilicus, acrylic on 14x68 canvas

Sadly I can not translate the brightness of colours, even with Photoshop's helping hand.

During the crit people seemed to like it. I was the only one to pick such a shape, most went with a more 'traditional' rectangle.

I believe I am getting to a point where I start understanding how acrylics work. I am still far from being able to mix the colours I want but slowly and surely I'll get there!



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Year 1
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Finaly the long awaited sequel is here!

Year 2
She did keep up and update, but now that she is a University student, is the work load to much? Is she still interested in shamelessly showing of? So many questions, so little are answered. Follow her on her journey.

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