Jun 4, 2010

Friday Portrait

Here is the lady.
After those two days I did not touch her. I know that I have a lot left to do. I have to redo her hair, work on the background, redo her ears, add some details and her mouth is not the way I want it. Strangely I don't know how exactly I want her to look at the end.

She's about 1o"x12"

Overall I like. She's more luminous in real life, not as green, a bit more pinkish.

However lately I have been thinking about a completely different aesthetic and "in the grand scheme of things" she does not quite fit with the themes I want to explore.



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Year 1
What happens when a Fine Art student decides to get her portfolio done and starts a blog. Will she keep on updating or will she let it go as most previous journals? Who is going to comment on her blog? Read on to know more.

Finaly the long awaited sequel is here!

Year 2
She did keep up and update, but now that she is a University student, is the work load to much? Is she still interested in shamelessly showing of? So many questions, so little are answered. Follow her on her journey.

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