Jun 29, 2010

Happy Tuesday

This summer is a good summer. Not too many trials and tribulation [sinking in a gentle pool of wine].

I have been fantasizing about the day I'll get back to the presses, but for now I am just sketching ideas and enjoying Montreal. Each Jazz Fest I realize how much I love this city.

I have been looking at many different painters and researching styles. I am more and more interested in abstractions, especially ones with vivid colours. I think that next year is going to be wonderful as I'll get a chance to explore abstract colour fields and figures. For now I am trying to loosen up by doing small, rather monochromatic abstract compositions.

Got some cool Koh-i-noor wood-less colour pencils that are soon going to be used.

I am also very excited as I'll be painting with a friend of mine this week-end. We have very different styles but a certain affinity in our aesthetic, it will be great.



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Finaly the long awaited sequel is here!

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