Jul 3, 2010

Andy's Saturday

Andy Goldsworthy - the most amazing land art artist.
His aesthetic, his patience and procedures are surprising and the results are breathtaking.
I discovered him a little over 3 years ago in one of my History of Art classes in CEGEP. Since that day I fell in love with his art. He has such a selfless approach. He is making pieces that do not last.
He has long term pieces, usually made with stone, but those are rare. He usually goes for ice and leaves, or works on the beach before the tide comes.

A film was made about his work, and it is stunning!



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Year 1
What happens when a Fine Art student decides to get her portfolio done and starts a blog. Will she keep on updating or will she let it go as most previous journals? Who is going to comment on her blog? Read on to know more.

Finaly the long awaited sequel is here!

Year 2
She did keep up and update, but now that she is a University student, is the work load to much? Is she still interested in shamelessly showing of? So many questions, so little are answered. Follow her on her journey.

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