Nov 19, 2010

Friday nude

Second painting for PNTG300.
I really enjoyed painting her, even though she moved so much and the pose was a bit simple. I wanted some foreshortening!
My proportions are terribly off, but the colours in real life are very nice. The background sadly is not anything worthwhile.

What sucks with acrylics, is that they become less saturated when dry. I should probably invest in some lacquer, or mix them properly.

acrylics on 4' x 5' canvas, 2010.



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Year 1
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Finaly the long awaited sequel is here!

Year 2
She did keep up and update, but now that she is a University student, is the work load to much? Is she still interested in shamelessly showing of? So many questions, so little are answered. Follow her on her journey.

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