Nov 22, 2010

Work in Progress Monday

First etch of some of my plates, for Advanced Printing Projects.

It's a great class. However sometimes it feels like a court room. You have to prove that your project is worth the attention. Things like "I decided to make it because it is my favourite subject and I like colours" don't fly here. It's very helpful and demanding.

I feel very small as most students are in their 3rd year or in their last session. There are a few people who have a strong artistic production that is of a professional level.
Oh well, I better kick their asses!

Now I need to design a fancy rococo frame as I have an appointment on Wednesday during which we are going to cast it.


Marilyn R Miller said...

Thank you for commenting on one of my rose paintings... I just found it....
So I looked at your "iart".
Some of you drawings remind me of my student work (from Long, long ago...)
I loved the process of etching but could never afford an etching press. At least not one I would have wished to work on. Cheap ones are so

Now I am near the end of my career and painting is all I wish to do. But I wish to get some real power back into it. I see that power in your drawings.

Keep working! Keep blogging! It is all a marvelous, exciting adventure which goes by too quickly....

Liza said...

Thank you so much Marilyn!

I think that you should still try etching. There must be studios available. It is a wonderful process!


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